Friday, December 10, 2010

Dodgeball Result is OUT!!

Salam and Hi to all!!

So how was the game? Did you enjoy them. I hope everybody is satisfied with it. I know some of you already tired after playing 2 3 games, but that's good for your body right? I could see smiley faces on that day and we E board are really happy with it. So keep it up guys!

So the results as follow

Boys: 1st: Blue +40
2nd: Red +30
3rd: Green +20
4th: Yellow +10

Girls: 1st: Blue +40
2nd: Green +30
3rd: Red +20
4th: Yellow +10

Attendance: Red -1
Blue -2
Green -3
Yellow -2

Updated ranking
1st: Blue ; 30+40+40-2=108
2nd: Red ; 50+30+20-1=99
3rd: Green ; 20+20+30-3=67
4th: Yellow ;30+10+10-2=48

So that's all from us.



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